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As we finally warm up, it’s a perfect time to heat up your social media posts and learn the latest in social media marketing.

Boost your Instagram reach with engaging IG carousels as snackable content!

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Instagram carousels are huge, and they’re here to stay! But let’s explain what they are first.

IG carousels usually consist of 2-10 images that you swipe across. They are a great way to share more content in one post. The benefit is, the IG algorithm recognizes the amount of time people spend interacting with your slides and rewards you with better reach the longer people interact with your post.

Combine this with posting at the right time for your audience and great content, and you have a winning mix. And, if you need help with IG carousels or anything related to social media, reach out and we can discuss your needs with Rose, our social media expert!

Get more exposure on social media platforms with short video content.

Have you noticed the increase in video on all your social media accounts?

Why? Videos reach a larger audience because it receives more engagement. Engagement is defined as actions taken by people after viewing your post such as clicking on the link, liking, commenting, sharing, or reposting.

Due to the world’s love for video and every platform competing for market share, short form and long form video is now (and we predict always) is what our clients should be focusing on.

Thankfully it’s much easier with 2 new short-form video options. Instagram released Reels (up to 1 min) and YouTube’s new YouTube Shorts (also up to 1 min) all in response to the social media platform TikTok.

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Convert landscape videos to square size easily and for FREE!

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Now that we’ve discussed video content, it’s also important to know that each platform has different guidelines but these are the basics.

Videos should be an MP4 or AVI file. To convert videos into different file formats and sizes use VSDC’s video editor visit videosoftdev.com and download VSDC. Launch the app, upload your video, and convert it to your desired size and format.

If you are posting videos on Instagram from your computer using a scheduling platform such as Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio, it will make it faster and easier if you’re following the right video size and format.

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