Samantha Ferriere:

So let’s start with looking at how Brene Brown and Marie Forleo do this. And so what we’re going to do is start with the homepage.

Now, a good way to look at your website is obviously what is the first impression that you’re giving to your visitors, the best way to start is to really do think that nobody knows you. Just pretend like you’re starting from scratch, whether you are or not, you may already be starting from scratch. But what is the first impression, and our first impression is created really, by the colors people see, the images they see, they see your logo, your name.

In this instance, Bene Brown is presenting to us quite a lot of imagery. So we have her name in the middle of her menu bar at the very top here, that’s actually quite unique. It’s not unusual, but it’s quite unique. Most people put their logo on the far left, just because eye just naturally go left to right and so we go there to see, to see it. Having an in the middle isn’t a problem, I think it still looks really good.

The first picture that people also see is what we call the hero. Now, this being like the prime real estate, in terms of visualness, if that’s such a word is that this is really, really important. This hero image when you’re deciding on what to provide for yourself just really think what’s the most powerful image I can use. And what’s the key message that I can include on it.

Now with Brene Brown, she’s kind of breaking the rules. And it’s probably because she’s at the top of her game, she’s very well known, she probably can get away with a lot of things that we probably wouldn’t recommend to clients who are starting out or in the middle of their journey. For example, she has like five hero images, that each one advertises something different that she provides or an event that she’s doing, her books, for example, we would only recommend between one and a three at the most. The reason for this is you want to, when a visitor comes to the site, we want to draw their attention to the things that are most important to the action that we want them to take.

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