Samantha Ferriere:

So essentially, when you’re building your online business, there are what I call four key components or stages.

And so the first one is really your branding and messaging, and your target marketing, making sure that they’re all really clear. And then providing those people with your products and services, which is the next stage. And then it’s creating all the systems that support that. So that’s where your website comes in your landing pages, sales funnels, and then on top of that is all your traffic. So that’s where your social media comes into play. So we’re going to be focusing on stage three, which is with the websites, with your website.

So another idea that will help you understand websites when you’re thinking about your own sites and how you want to improve them or how you want to build them, depending on where you are, is to think of them as Legos and just imagining I’ve turned the Legos upside down. But if you imagine that each of these sections is one page that we’ve designed, but each of these are like a Lego block, and each Lego block is stacked on top of each other. So some Lego blocks might be a bit wider or higher than others. And then you might have one single one, you might have one block there, one block there. So these are all individual blocks. And that way when you’re building it, it makes it a lot easier to think of how to like to put the blocks together.

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