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Let’s welcome July with another Great Humans’ newsletter filled with cool tips to help empower your work days. We aim to help you achieve your goals in every way we can. Check them out.

Use FREE screen capture & recording app and effortlessly share it with anyone!

awesome screenshot app

Take screenshots or send video instructions and feedback from your computer faster with Awesome Screenshot.

Simply Google the app and download it. Once installed, a lens icon will appear in your toolbar. Click the icon to explore the screen recording options. Snap on and crop, draw shapes, add text and even blur the captured image. Once finished, just click done and share it.

Use FREE photo resizer service to keep your website running fast

One trick to a fast and responsive website is to make your photo sizes as small as possible without losing resolution. One of the best free tools around is www.tinypng.com.

Simply upload your image to www.tinypng.com to reduce its size by up to 70% without losing quality! Definitely one of our most favourite tools!


Open & close multiple tabs with just one click.

Do you always have multiple tabs open? Imagine being able to close all your tabs and reopen them all again with one click! One Tab is a Google Chrome App that does exactly that – saving 95% of computer memory and reducing tab clutter.

This is a tool that we use daily when closing work in the evening and resuming in the morning. It’s such a huge time saver!

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