WordPress Website Design Company and Online Marketing Specialists Australia

We know that being an expert “offline” is often easier than being an expert “online”. Actually, they can feel like two different worlds, and if you want them to merge its not always easy.

That’s why Great Humans was created.

We help thought leaders, coaches, speakers, authors, artists, and people in the wellness industry share their unique messages, product, and services with the world.

We do this by providing the following services;

  • Brand Creation & Brand Redesign
  • Ecommerce Store
  • Online Course Design
  • Product Creation
  • Sales Funnels and Email Automation
  • Social Media Support
  • Website Design and building
  • Linkedin Lead Generation
  • Video Editing
About Great Humans Digital Agency Melbourne

Our mission is to become our own version of Hayhouse, an online education and marketing powerhouse for Great Humans. We know it’s a big call, but it’s literally that a calling. We welcome the challenge.

So hold on tight and come and join us for the ride! It’s easier and more fun together. xx

Samantha Ferriere
Founder Great Humans and 19Design (our sister agency)