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As we welcome you to our long overdue newsletter, we share our team’s top 5 tips and tools for June 2023 to help you achieve your dreams faster and easier. Let’s begin.

Save time with ‘Google-lens’*

New app makes work-life easier.

Scan and copy texts, capture codes, translate, find shops and products, identify animals or flowers, and more!

Simply point your phone and scan the object or text you want to copy using the Google Lens app and directly paste it onto your Google Document or anywhere you want to. It’s a huge time saver.

To learn how to use it, check some quick tutorials on Youtube.

*Only available on Android.

Google Lens

Build trust and authority instantly.

Add a “brag bar”on your website.

large apple computer screen

Show your authority and gain your audience’s trust by showing the logos of the businesses you have worked with or the events you have spoken at.

Whether you’re a speaker or service provider, showing the clients you have worked with or brands you stock creates instant trust and authority with your website visitors.

Unbelievable lifetime software subscriptions!

Pay once for life. Never pay full price for software with APPSUMO!

Looking for new software, email, or a video platform but don’t want to break the bank? Keep

an eye on Appsumo’s amazing deals! They offer 5-10 new software deals a month including lifetime deals! Appsumo has literally saved us thousands of dollars each year with amazing software deals including our project management software that we use right now. Be quick though, their offers are only available for 2-3 weeks.

Visit www.appsumo.com

apps sumo ad

Design like a pro

without going to design school and for FREE!

founders of Canva

Need social media graphics, email banners, or an E-book cover? We highly recommend Canva! If you haven’t heard of it, prepare to fall in love! Canva is used by over 20 million people daily in 170 counties and it was founded in Australia.

Visit www.canva.com

Are You Zoomed Out?

Looking for an alternative…that’s also free?

Zoom’s free account is great for one-on-one calls, but not for team meetings with a cap of 40 minutes which is why we love Google Meet.

Google Meet offers 60-min team meetings for FREE for Google accounts users. It also has real-time captions and a whiteboard option. Try it out, you’ll love it.

woman hosting zoom meeting
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